We all have partnership meetings to make our projects happen. What makes the good ones a pleasure?

For Helen Fairweather  from R4C –

  • Laughter and a sense of fun, sometimes banter
  • People supporting and caring about each other
  • Respecting and listening to each other
  • A lot of diversity in the room – different backgrounds, points of view, ways of doing things..
  • Most members turn up most of the time
  • Regular check-ins and evaluations of meetings, the project as a whole

 And when they’re not a pleasure, are they poison? What are the signs?

  • Some or most members don’t say much
  • People interrupt or talk across each other, start separate mini-conversations
  • Very task-oriented, no discussions about feelings, family, life
  • Little reflection on the bigger picture, how are we progressing, what’s good, could be better?
  • Poor turnout

So how do we nurture the pleasure and draw out the poison?

I have my ideas but I’d love to hear yours. What has helped your meetings be a pleasure?